In this section we would like to provide a summary of the most common made mistakes by steel detailers. The list is based on our research and the feedback from fabricators and engineers.

1. Lack of knowledge of updated Nominal Hole Dimensions

Since Steel Construction Manual 15th ed. AISC release there are updated nominal hole dimensions in  Table J3.3

2. Inaccurate welds for skewed shear tabs.

Welds for shear plates depends on a skew angle to a standard perpendicular shear tab connection.
Welds should be align with AISC guide (link) 

3. Not keeping allowable encroachment into the fillet area of wide flange member

Shear tab encroachment should not exceed the values shown in Fig. 10-3. Fillet encroachment, Steel Construction Manual, AISC
and the values apply only to the beam being supported, not to the supporting member.

4. Maximum member lengths

Be aware of the maximum member lengths that can be provided by the mills and shipped by the fabricator to the final destination. Otherwise, the advanced bill of materials submitted to the fabricator will be unrealistic.

5. Erector tools

Conduct research on the equipment utilized by steel erectors to pre-tension hex-head and tension-controlled high-strength bolts. In certain cases, the connections may be in thight areas and appropriate tools must be used. There are AutoCAD files available that can be imported to verify clearances and prevent any clashes.