Fire station renovation
  • Location: Johnstown, CO
  • Description: Detailing of structural and miscellaneous steel.

Correctional facility renovation
  • Location: Jackson, MI
  • Description: Detailing of beams, lintels, bearing plates & ladders.

Building under renvation
  • Location: Fort Collins, CO
  • Description: Detailing of beams, columns, interior guardrail & rooftop aluminum cable railings.

ADA Cane Tapping Rails
  • Client: Custom Welding, Inc.
  • Location: Newark, NJ
  • Description: Detailing of cane rails at the Newark Liberty International Airport

Project 06 – Sample North Stair
  • Location:
  • Files: Contact us for sample drawings for this project

Project 05 – Sample Canopy
  • Location:
  • Files: Contact us for sample drawings for this project