Below you can find some of the most commonly used tables, charts and figures in the steel detailing department. This quick overview is only a small list. To see more items that are necessary during detailing steel structure, please visit the page titled Books that every steel detailer should be familiar with.

1. Table J3.3, Nominal Hole Dimensions, Steel Construction Manual, AISC

Table J3.3 depicts the maximum hole sizes for bolts. But when it comes to anchor rods in concrete foundations, bigger holes are allowed in the base plate for tolerance on anchor rod location.

2. Table J3.4, Minimum edge distances, Steel Construction Manual, AISC

Table J3.4 depicts minimum distance between the center of a standard hole to an edge of a connected part in any direction. For oversized or slotted holes the minimum distance shall be not less than value from Table J3.4 plus the increment from Table J3.5.

3. Fig. 10-3. Fillet encroachment, Steel Construction Manual, AISC

Figure 10-3. depicts maximum encroachment into fillet area.

4. Old and new sizes for Oversized holes in base plates

Table 14-2 Steel Construction Manual AISC shows recommended maximum sizes form anchor rod holes. Keeping hole sizes from Table 14-2 requires using adequate plate washer. Since these hole sizes are suggested as the largest permissible sizes, utilizing smaller hole sizes is frequently justified when the anchor-rod assemblies are precisely placed.

Holes aligned with Table C-J9.1 Steel Construction Manual AISC will be covered by F436 washers and do not require additional plate washers.

5. Angle gages

6. Elbow 90 radiuses