Structural Steel Detailing

What we offer is high quality shop documentation adjusted to the requirements of your steel manufacturing.  

We use the latest 3D modeling software which allows us to deliver high quality shop drawings. Our work includes a wide variety of structures. Our standard attitude is to prepare exact shop drawings.


Miscellaneous Steel Detailing  

Make sure that you receive competitive terms for detailing of miscellaneous steel elements. We deliver a full range of services for shop drawings. We prepare details for stairs, railings, ladders and many more. Standards of our drawings are always aligned with your requirements.   


The offer for steel fabricators: 

In Advanced Steel Detailing we prepare full workshop
drawings for our clients. We create an exact 3D model of the building’s
structure and then generate shop drawings based on that model. A 3D model of a steel
structure guarantees that all its elements always perfectly match one

 – Detailing Structural & Miscellaneous Steel

– Fully detailed shop fabrication drawings

– Fully detailed general arrangement drawings

– E-Plans

– Customization to satisfy clients

– Advanced bill of materials and other valuable reports

– Field/shop Bolt List Reports

– All part drawings convert into data for CNC machines

– Customize drawing title blocks and reports

– Drawings available as PDF, DXF and DWG files for easy printing and viewing

– 3D IFC model


Types of Collaboration

Our team is comprised of experienced steel detailers whose work is meticulous and timely. Our steel detailing services are directed both at fabricators whose production team includes a detailer and to those that prefer to outsource shop drawings. Our advantage is delivering high quality documentation at affordable prices.      

The offer for steel fabricators whose team includes a steel detailer:

– using the fabricator’s logo and address data on drawings, RFI’s, as well as on all necessary documents,   

– adjusting to the fabricators’s standards applied to drawings,   

– prompt estimate of every project which allows for competitive prices.  

The offer for outsourcing steel fabricators:   

– complete detailing of steel structures at competitive prices,

– prompt estimate of the shop documentation,  

– adjusting to the fabricator’s standards. 

We care for a long-term and reliable collaboration with all our clients.   

If you have any questions or would like to receive an estimate for your project, do not hesitate to contact us. We respect your time and always try to respond to you as soon as possible.